The hard truth is that the Fitness Industry abounds with gimmicks, gadgets, fads & ‘smoke & mirrors ‘ type illusions designed to do one thing ….. make money at your expense!

BodyTech Personal Training was set up with one simple goal in mind, to help clear up the mis-information & conflicting advice that abounds in the Fitness industry in order for you to achieve your health & fitness goals more efficiently.

We were founded by Health & Fitness Professionals, & athletes in their own right, with more than 20 years experience, who also live what they preach.

We are not here to make US look good through some circus of posting videos of you doing some ridiculous, & sometimes downright dangerous, exercise on social media in order to get us ‘likes’ and/or attention.

Neither are we ‘rent-a-friend’ personal trainers, who will take your money in order to be your counsellor & talk to you about anything for 45 minutes while you walk on a treadmill (yes, we know that it happens … a lot!)

No, we take a No ‘BS’ attitude & are here to get YOU the results you want, pure & simple.

This is our commitment to you, & all that we ask in return is that you give the same 100% commitment.

You’ll find our packages both offline and online are VERY competitively priced. Currently we are only able to offer 1-1 ‘in person’ training in Leeds & other areas within Yorkshire, (see the 1-1 packages for area coverage), but you’ll find our Online Packages provide everything you need and are very cost effective. Read Carl Ruston’s Bio